Cristina Giorgianni Jewellery

Cristina Giorgianni Jewellery

Artist by passion, craftsman by profession, Cristina Giorgianni is a young jewellery maker from Syracuse, home of the Sicilian Baroque. From necklaces, to earrings, from rings to bracelets, everything is an expression of the artist's creativity and her desire to represent Sicilianity through jewellery: unique pieces that contain Cristina's emotion and creative flair.


Her passion for art, born when she was still a child and enjoying making jewellery for dolls, grew with her: Cristina, coming from Syracuse, home of the Baroque in Sicily, seems to have art in her blood. After attending the Institute of Art, goldsmith section, she decides to take the path of craftsmanship and, like any craftsman at the beginning, works in local goldsmith workshops. In this way, she refined her art and was able to acquire those techniques that allow her to better express her creative flair. After years of apprenticeship in which he designs and manufactures many precious objects for different jewelers and goldsmith workshops, he decides to start his own business and launch his own brand which, not surprisingly, bears his name. Cristina Giorgianni Jewellery is art, contemporary materials, unique pieces, but above all it is emotion, individuality and creativity expressed by its artist. Research of materials, attention to detail and finishes characterize Cristina's jewels: each piece is designed and handmade and contains creative flair, technique, manual skill and precision, it tells a story made of passion, art and emotion. Handcrafted fashion accessories, rigorously made in Sicily, designed to give a unique and exclusive style to every outfit: from the ceramic and stone ring that fits with an elegant sheath dress, to the earrings in the shape of “coffe siciliane” or “teste di moro” suitable for a more casual style, but always very fashionable. In the Cristina Giorgianni Jewellery collection you can find the accessory suitable for any occasion and be sure to hit the mark.

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