Church of Maria SS. Delle Grazie - Gioiosa Marea

The Church of Maria SS. delle Grazie is one of the most beautiful churches in Gioiosa Marea. It almost faithfully follows the aspect of the previous Church present at Gioiosa Guardia. This cult building was built in 1796 on land donated by Mr. Paolo Maccagno and was managed until 1885 by the Filipino fathers. The church externally is characterized by the salient facade and the bell tower in arabesque style from 1814 placed in a rear position. The interior, with three naves, is very rich in pictorial and sculptural works. The pride and joy are the marble altars of the side chapels which house, on the left, a marble effigy of the Madonna del Carmelo from 1623, while on the right the statue of the Madonna della Grazie from the old church of the same name, attributed to Antonello Gagini and inscribed between your Solomonic columns.