Joyful Guard

About in 1100, the count Ruggero d’Altavilla, founded the Monastery of Patti and bound the peoples of Meliusus and the surrounding territory to provide for the maintenance of the Friars. Was the Abbot Ambrogio the first to became governor of the territory of Meliuso and of the Mount of Guardia. In 1208, for order of the Bishop, the population of the territory was forced to provide personal services for the monastery, without receiving anything in return. In the same time, the confilct for the sovereign rights over Sicily of the House of Anjou and the internal political climate that came to be determined in 1318, offered the opportunity to the villagers of Gioiosa Guardia to rebel against the ecclesiastical power. The popular crown was repressed in the blood. In 1357, with the coming to the throne of Federico III, Vinciguerra d'Aragona is elected Captain of Patti for life and the town remains feudal. This state of affairs lasted until 1812, the year in which the law that canceled feudal rights was issued in Sicily. Since 1783-1784, after natural disasters, the villagers of Gioiosa abandoned the town and went toward the sea where, in 1800 definitely found Gioiosa Marea.