In Sant'Angelo di Brolo, a small village in the Nebrodi Mountains, in the north of Sicily, it was born NebrodiCarni, a family-run company that produces and markets fresh meat and salami from Nebrodi black pig, an indigenous species bred “en plein air” and fed with natural products, counted among the 144 Slow Food presidia.


A few years ago in Sant’Angelo di Brolo, a small sicilian village nestled on a lush valley covered with olive, orange and hazel trees, 314 meters above sea level, after a life in the kitchen as a chef, Giuseppe Lo Neri, decided to devote himself also to Nebrodi black pig farm producing fresh meat and salami.

Today the company is called NebrodiCarni and is managed by his son Rosario, following exactly in the footsteps of his father. The guidelines of the Lo Neri family are to add as few ingredients as possible in the cured meats, reducing the salt, drastically decreasing the quantity of preservatives, to maximize the taste and quality of this fantastic breed whose meats, thanks to the type of breeding "en plein air" and the particular non-GMO diet, they have strong qualities of authenticity, used both in the fresh and seasoned state, seasoned with flavors, pepper and salt for sausages.

In the production of these excellent cured meats, the Lo Neri family tries to make the most of the combination of Nebrodi black pig meat with the unique microclimate of the Sant’Angelo di Brolo valley, which has been the pride of Sicilian pork butchery for centuries.

The production of cured meats in Sant’Angelo di Brolo dates back to the end of the 11th century AD, when Sicily was conquered by the Normans. They were the ones who introduced pork, which was excluded from consumption during the previous Muslim domination. The producition of pork soon became a tradition capable of making the best use of the morphological and climatic characteristics of the territory which, protected by the mountains and characterized by an almost unchanged temperature and degree of humidity throughout the year, transform the valley into a huge seasoning room.